Amy Allison

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I'm a Christian and a college student studying 3D modeling, 2D animation, and scriptwriting. Drawing a lot, I have a strong right-brain visual to show people my hard work.


God's Guidance



Artist Statement

Looking and reading over and over again I imagine the armor of God. Listening to what Paul is talking about in the scriptures.

How it fits into contest

We hear whispers of doubt, fear, and evil. We pray for a way out of the devil's breath. We pray to God to be our guide and he' guides us out. With the full armor of God, God is our guide. The armor of godliness, follow God, and love him. Belt of truth, telling about the word of God to everyone who wants to believe. For the feet, we need to prepare of what God has set in the future. Shield of faith, the evil strikes you, but put faith in God and he will protect you from evil forces from the darkness. Helmet of salvation, put your mind focus on Jesus and think of the things that he did. Love, Compassionate, and sacrifice. Sword of the Holy Spirit, the spirit guides us and helps us to speak about God's word to everyone. God's guidance is the armor and our light. Without God's guidance, we would be following darkness everywhere the devil takes and talks to us. He would say evil things and that there's no forgiveness in this world. That brings us down to fear and despair. God is always there to be your guide and the armor. He gives you hope, courage, and forgiveness. Praying for help he will guide you through the darkness with the armor of God fighting the devil's breath.


Amy Allison-created this art work

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