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Walter Ramón Osejo. Born on February 17, 1961 in Managua, Nicaragua. From my first ten years of childhood I developed an attraction for games outdoors, indoors and at school. In the same way I also cultivated art for drawing and colors, I loved to draw the characters from the comics. In the 80s, I invented and made the first board game "Light your home" for the National Electric Company. In 2005 I worked for the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism INTUR, in carrying out tourist and cultural education programs on booklets, artistic contests and the realization of the second board game "RUTANICA, an adventure trip", which will later receive recognition for the Chamber of Private Companies. I organized for June 2012 a Symposium on Human Values: "Educate by example" with various organizations that work with children nationwide, from this activity the idea of ​​the third board game "AMIGOSOS - A life with values" was born, it teaches to know the values ​​and anti-values ​​managing to win the First Place in Education in the VIII Edition of the National Prize for Innovation, which was awarded at that time by the Vice Presidency of the Republic of Nicaragua with the National Council of Science and Technology CONICYT. In 2013 until today, we started a family business with the name of Creatividad Osejo, CREATIVOS STUDIO, with the aim of providing graphic design services, consulting in social and commercial communication, visual identity, among the wide range of production and digital graphic reproduction and impressions. Walter Ramón Osejo Environmentalist and Creative Director with 35 years of experience in social and commercial communication. Member of the HOSANNA Family Renewal Community (Assemblies of God) Walter Francisco Osejo Morales Creative Graphic Director with 12 years of experience in Graphic Design and Corporate Image. Digital illustrator.




Mixed Media

Artist Statement

The Battle of Ephesians 6 is mainly inspired by the "Armor of God" in Paul's letter of exhortation to fight evil against the believers in Ephesians, in Chapter 6.
Composed of 36 illustrated letters with graphic messages and New Testament verses, it also contains an instruction manual that explains the two ways of using the Deck.
It is a basic tool that Sunday school teachers, youth ministry, leaders, and pastors can use on the theme of the Spiritual Battle. Also at home, when you go for a walk with your family and friends as free recreation in preaching and building new believers to the knowledge of waging a Spiritual Battle.
Let us remember that our mind will be the Spiritual Battlefield to resist, let's focus on an unseen combat, knowing the weapons, the defensive tools that we have at our disposal and the types of attack that we will anticipate when facing them.
PLAN 6 days, one Color Group per day
PLAN 6 weeks one letter per day, rest on the 7th day.

How it fits into contest

How the artwork illuminates
the spiritual battle
Related to Ephesians 6: 10-20

The spark that ignites the source of inspiration to participate in Engage Art, was that the work could be used to help others understand and reflect on the "SPIRITUAL BATTLE", their own life and writing. Accepting the challenge and with the help of the Holy Spirit, we set out to create a work of art that successfully fulfilled the purpose of enlightening the saints and those born again in Christ.

Combine ART + SPIRITUAL CONTENT = Instrument of Battle
6 reasons

The Artwork illuminates
1.-Because it is a new option, which breaks the traditional schemes of Christian teaching. In its first phase, after several options, we selected one that contained the most practical, manageable and easy to understand Spiritual Battle, using a playful methodology and product that would fulfill the reason for creating it. The final product was a deck of cards. We investigated that the deck of cards have a cultural origin, but can be used for infinite purposes; in ours we are taking advantage of it, in addition to recreation, as a methodological tool of light to instruct, train and teach in the Spiritual Battle.

The Artwork illuminates
2.- Because the visual artistic expression used is symbolism, from the creation of a logo and slogan BE 6; that concentrate the purpose of the work; shield and sword as elements of the highest priority in resistance against the enemy. Our faith interpreted in the shield and the word of God that is the sword. BE Battle Ephesians and the number 6 of the chapter of Ephesians and other Biblical references with the 6, example: the 6 days that God worked and the 6th. Day that made man; also interprets the physical content: 6 Groups of 6 cards, with 6 different color codes; each letter with 6 biblical verses and the instruction that suggests the use of the deck to know in 6 six days or 6 weeks, tools to face the Spiritual Battle.

The Artwork illuminates
3.- Because the artistic illustrations made by freehand and digitized in the deck of cards, distributed in the 6 different Groups due to their theme and color code, symbolically express a visual message, as an aid to the reader in reading comprehension. The text is short and understandable. We insert in each card, a concept of the theme and we support it with 6 verses based on the New Testament as testimonial and doctrinal data of the apostles of Christ, to resist and stand firm in the Spiritual Battle.

The Artwork illuminates
4.- Because the 6 Groups formed for this Artistic Work, represent and inspire the 6 themes with their 6 elements to know and exercise the Spiritual Battle: 1) GOD'S ARMOR (Resist) - 2) THE ENEMY (Know Him) 3) PRACTICES SPIRITUAL - 4) AUTHORITY OF GOD - 5) GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT and 6) INTERSETION. The 6 themes with 6 elements each for a total of 36 cards, 216 Bible verses. All this as a whole for the Spiritual Battle.

The artwork illuminates
5.- Because the Instructions that accompany this Artistic Work, contain the steps to follow to enable you to understand and manage it; either for doctrine or recreation. The study on the Spiritual Battle leads to increase faith and resistance against the ambush of the enemy by using the Holy Bible to memorize verses and apply them in the Spiritual Battle. Resistance is experienced by practicing these exercises daily, achieving a firm spiritual lifestyle. The Artistic Work also has a recreational space where it instructs how 2 to 6 people can participate, preferably over 18 years of age, due to the spiritual nature of the subject. Its interactive method is easy to use, and participants can have the option to create their own rules for recreation. In both study or recreational modes, it is helpful in understanding the Spiritual Battle.

The artwork illuminates
6.- Because the importance of the theme of the spiritual Battle can go beyond the Artistic Work and create a broader vision, developing actions that inspire doctrine, preserve and promote the Ephesian Battle 6. For our CREATIVE team, it motivated us to design all a strategy based on the BE -6 formula. We are planning to reproduce BE-6 in several languages, especially Spanish and English for America. We are also looking for investment in the reproduction of promotional products such as T-shirts, caps, shields and swords in PVC, shoes, cups, etc. Finally we are planning to organize a BE 6-10-20 CONGRESS, to be held on October 6, 2020, with the support of local churches and institutions that wish to join and that according to conditions could be face-to-face or virtual. The Program includes fasting, praises and conferences. The headquarters would be in Managua Nicaragua, and could be simultaneous in countries that want to do it, letting us know their decision.

This illuminates the BE-6 Artwork in the Spiritual Battle.


Walter Ramón Osejo
Research and writing of scripts.
Selection of biblical verses.
Content Writing.
Study methodology for the Spiritual battle.

Walter Osejo Morales
Artistic direction.
Elaboration of processes and graphic creation of graphic materials.

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Original Work.
Registered in the Intellectual Property Registry (MIFIC)
in Managua, Republic of Nicaragua.

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- Web development
- Social media
- Corporate image
- Advertising graphic design
- Illustrator and cartoonist
- Digital illustrator
- Creator of educational games

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