Josiah Chung

Artist bio

I am a young Christian artist in Whitby, Ontario. I have recently started to show more of my art and the process. I would like to show people my story, as well as feeling and emotions that are presented within my artwork. I want people too see it an be able to relate to it in some degree.


Protection in Peace and Suffering



Artist Statement

This piece of artwork was painted on un-stretched canvas. In the process to create it, part of the canvas was painted with Gesso, while parts of it were not giving a background effect of some brighter colors, did a couple of layers, but mostly kept the painting as rough as it is.

How it fits into contest

The piece of art works into the contest topic for, the fact there is a battle going on within our souls for peace during times of peace as well as in times of suffering. Satan can punce at any time, or distract us, or try to harm us so the armor of God is needed. The armor: the sword, shield, helmet, belt and shoes, represents the full armor of God and in the background it shows a peaceful sunsetted land and on the other hand is a dark city. The armor is protecting people within both times for the enemy can strike at any time. Through the protection of righteousness (the breastplate), truth (the belt), peace (the shoes), faith (the shield), salvation (the helmet), and the word of God (which is the sword of the spirit). Giving people the peace and protection that they need at all times.


Josiah Chung: painted the entire painting.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is the original work, and the pricing for this artwork is 40$ Canadian. The item is an acrylic painting on slightly wrinkled unstretched canvas. For purchase direct message on Instagram @my_story_yourstory, or email me at .

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

For omissions direct message on Instagram @ my_story_yourstory or email me at .

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