Alexis Jeter

Artist bio

I am simply a freelance artist with many years of experience in many areas of art related things.


Possession from Obsession


Digital Art

Artist Statement

I drew the art by hand, pasted it as a layer on my art program, painted over the original. It is one of many pieces I worked on while learning how to do digital art. It is my best piece yet! These characters are based on a comic I am working on with three other friends from Florida.

How it fits into contest

The human character is a spiritual person who is into the occult. He finds himself ensnared in the puppet strings of a nightmarish monster who uses him to go do her bidding. He has to fight for his body, along with his friends, to defeat her.


Svafnir Ebon for character development and design for Night Terror and Jaz for character development and design of Lilu.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Copy, donations are accepted for a digital copy or print out. All proceeds will go towards our comic project and/or evenly distributed to the contributing parties.

Contact me at, if you're interested!

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I do commissions but mostly when time allows it.

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