Caprice Nyen

Artist bio

I am a 42 year old Black mother of three sons whom I adore. I’ve been an artist since my earliest memories. I study art with Gallery 37, a summer youth program in Chicago. One of my piece won the ‘Poster of the Weekend and was used in marketing/advertising for Marshall Fields, Inc. I currently live in Central Texas, working in the field of eradicating homelessness and other misfortunes for all humankind. In addition to art, I enjoy comedy, reading and spending quality time with those I love dearly.





Artist Statement

Acrylic on canvas - It’s hard to breathe without certain things, people, ideals...and when lost, when bruised, or cut down. We mourn but we still can choose to grow, and breathe yellow.

How it fits into contest

That all things come together for good. We have to choose to fight, to have faith and grow through the pains and joys.


Caprice Nyen, sole painter

How to Purchase this Artwork

Original, Acrylic on canvas, price tbd
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