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Chantel Booker is a member of Truth Christian Assembly in Michigan and a member of their Praise & Worship Dance Ministry. Chantel is also a recent graduate of Michigan State University(MSU), where she received her BFA Apparel and Textile Design Major with a Minor in Theatre. Chantel gained an interest in Costume Design during her third year at MSU and has been pursuing it ever since. Her background in Apparel and Textile Design gives her a strong understanding of concept and influences her rendering style. She will be continuing her education by pursuing a MFA in Costume Design at Ohio University starting in Fall 2020.


The Dedication


Digital Art

Artist Statement

When creating this artwork I first began by studying the scripture and praying and asking God to show me a vision of what I should create. I prayed multiple times and I began to make sketches of ideas that I had. I also talked to my Pastor who informed me of the contest, just to talk through some of the ideas I had. Once I had settled on the idea I felt was the one I should create I decided to paint a portion of it and then do the rest of it digitally.

How it fits into contest

This piece depicts a man holding the Bible with his eyes on the Lord. The background of the image contains text of wickedness that constantly surrounds us as believers of God. Overlaid on top of this text is what my church calls our" Bible Dedication" this also symbolizes how God is greater than all things because he is over it all. Ephesians 6:10-20 discusses the spiritual battle between Good and Evil. I feel that the Bible is the complete armor of God because by knowing the Word of God you have all of the pieces of armor with you at all times. I feel that my church's Bible Dedication really encompasses the whole of the scripture. The man is wearing a red shirt to represent how as children of God we are covered by the blood of his son Jesus. The background colors symbolize fire because "As we stand in faith, the glory of God is revealed [and] no enemy can penetrate His protection or overcome His deliverance" (Lora Rozkowski) I chose these colors because even though we live in a world where wickedness is all around us, we have God's divine protection surrounding us. When we chose to keep all of our focus on God nothing can come against us and evil will not prosper.


Chantel Booker is the sole creator of this original artwork.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This artwork is digital, for purchasing please contact Chantel Booker via email,

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