Artist bio

I am currently a college student and I made my salvation decision Passion week of my freshman year. I was raised in a Christian household my whole life but realized that I never personalized the Gospel and repented. I love drawing and using other creative mediums so I was very excited to hear about this contest and to use these skills to honor God.


Unseen Protection


Digital Art

Artist Statement

I usually draw more detailed drawings but this time I felt compelled to make a more simple, minimalist drawing. I made the reader in this drawing vague so that the person can represent anyone and everyone. In this drawing, there is an unseen battle going on over the reader. There are darker forces trying to attack the heart and the mind but when we go to God's word, His word can protect us from those unseen forces that try to influence us. I chose to make the darker forces a deep blue and God's forces pink. I wanted it to be red like the blood of Christ but it seemed to overpower the reader who I made purple to represent how we are influenced by both sides.

How it fits into contest

This is a small example of the spiritual battle that goes on around us. When we equip ourselves with God's word, it can protect our hearts and our minds from the darker spiritual forces like unseen armor.


This artwork was designed and created by me. I would like to thank my best friend Nicole who saw my drawing and encouraged me to share it.

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