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A Filipino local artist in USA, unknown and willing to share my artworks.


Mother and child



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Mother’s love is very special without condition, from giving everything to sacrifice mom is always there no matter what, she only provides better future, she lightens the family. A heart of gold and a tender love.
A greatest contribution to all mothers in the life of their child, is their daily support and preaching as a light of the home that gives strength to the family no matter what problems there the mother who guides their children, like the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, the mother is the most important person in life, there is no one to replace our mother, so let us take care of our mother like we took care of when we were young, let us reciprocate their unconditional love for us. as a son I ask the lord to guide my mother and give her a long life. because we are far from each other now, so every day I pray for my mother, hopefully for the youth of this generation, they will appreciate their parents with respect and love for their parents.

How it fits into contest

Train your son/daughter to know God, and grow without fear with faith and love.
In that painting I just want to show all the young people today, that our parents are on our side, they are the ones who give the sermons that we should listen to so that we do not go down the wrong path in our so -called life, so as an artist I thought it was very nice to live with a mother especially with your mother in serving our lord god.


My mother, she the one!

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E-mail me at or contact: 224-410-5242

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E-mail me at or contact: 224-410-5242

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