William Vargo

Artist bio

After walking on a broken back after a failed surgery in the 80's, a second picture perfect surgery in 2010; that resulted in a series of rare and deadly infections, confounding doctors from all over north America..... A paint brush and canvas were angrily thrust into William's hands!!! In 2014 he was given less than two years to live! Two rules were implemented; no asking why and instead of anger (shut up) and paint!!! 2018, once again confusing all ; William was taken off all medication and declared to have a clean bill of health!!! I hope that you see what I see! Believe me when I say what you see, truly is there and on purpose!!!


There is no darkness,in His light



Artist Statement

With LOVE through GOD one plus one equals THREE !!!

How it fits into contest

God states we will stumble, we will fall, But He will NEVER leave us, He will always pick us up! The battle is already won!!! Through the living word, His armor, the light of the Holy Spirit gifted to us, our rebirth through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ ( and faith), and most beautifully by the light of love from our Lord on our path; there is nothing and no one to fear! There is no darkness within His light!!!


William Vargo, artist

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