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Karen Edgar is a contemporary, self-taught charcoal and black pastel portrait artist. Born and raised in the Carolina's, she was influenced by art and music throughout her youth, and they have always been an integral part of her life. Karen's rare perspective provokes vivid and emotional responses, depicting subjects she viscerally connects with and which offer a commonality of emotion and insight to all who see her work. Her catalog includes individuals and subject matter from all walks of life, capturing intimate moments of vulnerability, joy, pain sorrow and beauty that connect all who journey through life's paths. "Art is a venue that allows me to express my love and passion for God and all of His miracles. The creation of each piece is an emotional and spiritual experience for me." Karen Edgar now lives and works in Myrtle Beach, S.C.


Kindred Spirits'



Artist Statement

This is a portrait of my father napping with my grandson after a Thanksgiving feast. It was the first time they had been together, and they had an immediate connection.This is a 40" x 30" charcoal/black pastel drawing on white illustration board. It represents the type of portraits that I prefer to draw- spontaneous moments of human interaction and emotion.

How it fits into contest

The portrait of my father and grandson is all about love, and I believe that our greatest weapon against evil is love.


My father- Robert Dickinson
My grandson- Ezra Edgar

They contributed by looking so sweet that it inspired this portrait.

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Giclee' prints available-$125.00 each

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I am accepting portrait commissions and printing limited edition giclee's.

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