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Lise Escobar Gelinek: Puerto Rican Expressive multi- medium Artist Educator / Teacher Facilitator of expressive healing arts workshops, creative retreats in beautiful Puerto Rico, facilitator of eco- inmersed creative experiences. Life long learner and True believer of Jesus.


Standing Strong in the Lord


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Standing Strong in the Lord is an experimental mixed media piece which was born in an expressive arts workshop which was part of my continual professional development. I was using the expressive arts as a container to process emotions and situations that are challenging for me at the present time. As I expressed my feelings and let go of stress through the free creative process of "playing" with colors and letting my fingers dance on the wet paint, a background emerged that began the journey of creating.

As I processed my situations using the discarded cut up pieces of the experimental painting I began to see a being manifesting in between the layers. I used collage and acrylics mixing with watercolors brushes and oil pastels.

As each layer showed up the more the being began to pop up with very strong energy and groundedness. The feeling of embodying the unconditional faith in God which ignites the spiritual fire of certainty in the heart, and the conviction and perseverance to stand your ground no matter the obstacles or arrows thrown your way grew stronger with each brushstroke.

The armor of God shows up when most needed as His protection and strength reflected in the true believer.
The hummingbird represents the ever present companionship of the Holy Spirit and how we always can count on God's angels and helpers to come to our aide at the knick of time.

Stand Strong in the Lord is a whimsical image that can remind us to put on His trusted armor of love, light, and fortitude as an unpenetrable force field whenever we need to take a stand and stand our ground no matter what difficulties or evils we face.

Jesus is the firm ground we can stand on. When we are called by him we embody his strength and spirit within us and thus can face anything with our faith rightly placed on his strength, mercy and right guidance.

How it fits into contest

The artwork shows an image of the very action that the verse implies. To put on the armor of God and stand strong with God's strength reflected in you is the main theme of the work.
This image can be used to summon the attribute of strength and trust in God much easier for the mind works faster with images. Thus this is a vision to be able to embody the force field of faith and can help us stand our ground in any difficult situation. It inspires confidence and trust cause one sees that the arrows don't reach or harm the body and that we will always be assisted by divine forces that help us battle the dark forces of evil all around us.


Lise Escobar Gelinek

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