Artist bio

Hello! My name is Cynthia Serrano born in El salvador. I am 38 years old, happily married and we have a beautiful son named Eduardo, 6 years old. I am a product designer and I love to paint. Currently I have a page on FB and instagram where I share part of what I do, I paint on canvas and I also paint accessories for women, all of this goes hand in hand with my professional life, I work in a manufacturing company as a development manager. I am a Christian and I loved the theme of the contest since it plays an important role with the reality in which we live.


You are my light in the darkness



Artist Statement

What I wanted to represent in my painting is the battle that we have between good and evil in our daily life but we must be wise in having our light on to shine in the midst of darkness and that light that illuminates our life and our house protecting us of evil. That firm, strong, brilliant and constant light is our father God.
The black crow in the upper right corner, vigilant, attentive to the attack represents evil and the hands with the burning and bright candle represents our God who does not allow anyone to attack us because his shining light allows us to see even in the darkness.

How it fits into contest

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms"
The constant, daily battle, the evil spirit always lurking, always attentive to attack and we armed with the power of God, armed with his word and love, vigilant with his light illuminating any darkness, confident that our light will not be extinguished because we are children beloved of God...


Mauricio Eduardo Lizama and Eduardo junior, Always cheering me on with every challenge I face...

How to Purchase this Artwork

The art os oroginal. Not a copy painted with acrylics on canvas.
Price: $200 + shipping
I have a FB and Instagram account: @PinacotecadeCynthiaSerrano
There we can agreed about payment method and shipping.

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