Artist bio

My name is Luis Mario Arriola de León. I am a retired Dental Surgeon dedicated now to my favorite hobbies like: músic, bel- canto and art painting. Since my early school years I was fascinated with watercolors.That led me to the study of the great masters of all media and styles.During an adventurous hitchhiking trip through the main capitals in Europe i had the privilege of direct viewing the greatest works at their famous museums. Back home I thoroughly studied, analized and practiced their techniques. For that reason, I keep those works which represent to me the priceless memories of my whole life. Considering my age, this present work probably my last one, I'd like to share with all who love and pursue similar ambitions. I am grateful for letting me participate, but more important to me,for my recent approach and now a healthy dedication, to the Holy Bible reading.


Saved By HIS Word



Artist Statement

This image represents a symbolic scene of a human trying to save his boat, his life and soul from the rage of nature, the oppression from rulers and dictators, and the temptations and evil as depicted by Satan and hell.

How it fits into contest

Being an imaginary scene, the spiritual forces of evil are only suggested by some characters and their gestures around the central figure, who shields himself with the Bible, while waving a sword, symbolic of the word of God.


Just myself

How to Purchase this Artwork

The ORIGINAL work at my home, is an oil paintng on a canvas stretched on a wooden frame. Considering its relative light weight it can be sent by air-mail to any foreign country.

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