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Born to solid hard-working folk, father a manager and mother a nurse Annabelle was supposed to go into medicine. But she loved to sing, play the piano and most of all to make things by hand. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord became a way of life as did Scouts, choir, weekday Bible School, and Vacation Bible School Music plus arts and crafts! And As R. L. Lewis one of the original Highwaymen painters cities her work as being by one anointed by God to paint. Sent to the liberal arts college, The University of NC at Greensboro, she fled to the comforting sound of music and the university's production of the King and I cutting pagodas out of plywood and sculpting headdresses out of automotive quick drying solder. Then she defected to the North Carolina School of the Arts. Three years and 2 seasons of summer stock later , with a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts in hand worked in college theatre and dance companies until a production in Monroe, NC spearheaded by compatriots from NCSA folded. All was not lost as she found her future husband there. He said come with me, you don't have to work so hard for so little, come with me and paint. Doing a lot of free lance jobs was somewhat rewarding as was designing exhibits for the SC Museum Commission. In 1985 moved to Florida, rented storage units and painted between customers.Worked on a few films and started reclaiming antique heart pine wood and making and installing floors, tables etc. And painted and exhibited with the Jacksonville Coalition for the Visual Arts until the husband developed severe health problems and needed a liver transplant. With the long, sleepless nights came the realization that painting is what relieves the soul. Now as the vision starts to go, the hand aches, and disease ravishes the land, some acclaim would be great. There have been a couple of competition wins and have donated pieces to various charities but most work is in private collections and still at home. A little money would replace the spent tubes of paint and the stereo that the Devil killed during this painting depriving the workspace of contemporary Christian music or a website. This whole process has been quite the spiritual journey with the Devil trying to interfere in whatever way he could. However, the Lord always says to pick up the brush, he will do the rest and He does. no others


The Missing Verses



Artist Statement

With the missing verses, I have tried to humbly emulate the unsung masters whose works are found in numerous churches around the globe. Work that not only tells a tale from the scriptures but also often enabled them to put their own moral assessment into the scene. I have therefore wove 2 pieces of scripture together to weave a story of encouragement.
In order to explain Ephesians 6, i started in Revelation 12 with the fiery red dragon that is the evil one. Three heads are the prongs of his tale, 2 attacking the female figure and the 3rd casting down the stars in the sky which are transformed into starfish as they strike land and water. Three of the other heads are attacking the woman while the great main head is preparing for the onslaught of Michael and his heavenly army.
The woman depicted in Revelation 12 has given birth while the dragon waits to devour her offspring, however the boy child bundled in blue is placed in an angels care and departs for heaven. This is where Ephesians come into play. It provides the missing verses where before the woman flees into the wilderness, she puts on the armor of God in order to defend her child's departure into heaven. She has slipped her arms into the breastplate of righteousness which is adorned with a crusader cross with the stones of Aaron's breastplate at its 5 corners. The sash to tie the breastplate on with is undone and floating in the wind coming from the ocean like people and dragons like to try to blow the truth away.
She wears the boots of one who lives at the shore. a sturdy footwear for spreading the gospel. The shield of faith splashed with sea foam and water quenches the fiery darts of the dragon. It also sports a larger, but plain gold crusader cross. About her head is the helmet of salvation with the 12 stars floating about her head and she struggles as we all do with the great sword of the Word of God that has slashed the Dragon's tale exposing the black blood of the evil one coming from the wound. Her next move would be to swing the sword around at the dragon, her legs and body are leaned into this purpose.
We know that Michael would not have wings according to scripture but to be sure that the public would understand, Michael and his forces are winged angels. Michael himself is arriving from heaven upside down because the rules and gravities of this world due not apply to angels. Michael and his angels are also blue in complexion. This is a recurring theme in my work.. Angels just are a very pale blue or have a pale blue light around them. I have no idea why, it just seems correct.
If I could show you some of my other works you would see that some parts for this painting were already there, the Lord had already had me paint some of them. The painting is completely done by brush and knife with no lines placed on the canvas.
There is only one Artist and Creator, the rest of us are just designers taking the parts and putting them together for his glory. And most of all we should all take the missing verses to heart and put on the full armor of God.

How it fits into contest

My aim was to include women in the spreading of the Gospel, not just as a vessel of birth. She is a true mother defending her child until he has been safely transported to heaven so the missing verses are Ephesians 6 10-20. These verses would be the moral woven into the tale of Revelation. Revelation captures the audience's attention and Ephesians educates them.


God the Father Almighty for his guidance

and my husband for his patience

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I do commissions. Your imagination can be my next work of art.

Dogs, cats,and Florida fish including the sailfish are favorite subjects.

I also paint angels, hibiscus and other flowers, landscapes with water and seascapes, some with land and some with lighting.

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