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JaMark McGuire aka "JayTheHitz" is a 2020 graduate of Creekside High School in Fairburn, GA. He is a Junior Deacon and faithful member of Freedom Christian Center. "JayTheHitz" is an Artist and Entertainer who performs Hip Hop, R&B, Popping, Mime and Gospel Praise Dancing. He loves music and also enjoys rapping, producing, making beats and editing videos. Sean Turman aka DJ SNACKOTM established the company Snacko Services, LLC in the year 2015 after finishing college and continuing his career in Audio/Music Business. The purpose of Snacko Services, LLC is to help artists thrive throughout their career in the music industry by utilizing the quality mixing/mastering services, Street Promo services, Session Musician services, Instrumental Beat Production services as well Disc Jockey services which can be used for Private Events, Tours, Parties, Radio DJing and more. Asia Shannon I’m an artist who enjoys the peace art brings. I normally go with the flow when it comes to creating. That may explain why my favorite book of the Bible is Ecclesiastes. I think explanations are not important when viewing a piece because the art itself is your own interpretation. Enjoy!


Simple Shield



Artist Statement

The feeling that God is with you, all around you and protecting you when you need Him most is visually represented in this piece of art.

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When you are at you lowest and you cannot do anything else, hold on to the little ounce of faith you have. God will come swarming in, covering you with a bright light and giving you the ability to stand firm against all evil that seeks after you. In this image, he holds the shield knowing that nothing else can cover him and strengthen him. He depends on his shield for protection.


Artist - Asia Shannon

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Instagram: @asiauniquely

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