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Art that breathes Life, Light and Hope. Artist Nathalie Martin is both a realist and a utopist. Though she does not shy away from addressing hard issues, she creates art that breathes life, light and hope. Drawn to contrasts, she prefers layering colors, glazing and frottis. Through her paintings Nathalie captures the emotion of her characters, allowing us to see their personality, their uniqueness, and the beauty of diversity.​​ Her paintings are calm and subtle; her message, unapologetic: all humans are beautiful and are divine image-bearers.




Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Sometimes in the midst of brokenness and pain we must choose to lift up one's spirit to praise and dance for the Lord.

Description of the artwork: Jubilee (30 x 24 x 1.5 inches on canvas)
This expressionist mixed media painting includes elements of collage paper for the woman's garb, acrylic paint, stencils and oil pastels. The colours and paint strokes are joyful. We see movement and dimension to the paper as the woman dances. Yet, the woman's skin is cracked and her hair is greying representing brokenness in her body and spirit. Yet, she choses to dance and rejoice, with her head turned upwards, a sing of humility in Klezmer art, ear attuned to God.

Description of meaning:
I painted this piece last summer as I was going through a severe reaction to Covid and the vaccin. I could feel my body age and crack under the pressure of my Guillain-Barré symptoms. Paralysis reaching my limbs and face … but also, in a sense, deep into my heart, metaphorically that is.

During this time I felt my churches demands, unchanging, crushing. That summer I also watched churches and church leaders fall, down Mars Hill and many more manmade pedestals. And I watched Christians deconstruct, as I struggled to keep my faith in one piece.

At that moment, it was only God that could hold me together. Worship was my choice, worship with my whole body and being.

How it fits into contest

Sometimes the battle inside shows up on the outside.
Sometimes worship is battle. Sometimes choosing love and the fruit of the Spirit is victory.


I painted this painting while listening to two Lauren Daigle songs: "Look Up Child" and "Still Rolling Stones". I feel that these can been visually seen in this painting. So I you ever see this: "thank you sister" 🙂

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Jubilee (30 x 24 x 1.5 inches on canvas)
The piece is 828$ (Canadian)

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