Artist bio

I'm a currently college 19 yrs old student and an aspiring artist, been practicing/doing art like drawing and painting since 2014 and hoping that I could make it in a big art industry someday, I'm a solo artist


"Were we Stand"



Artist Statement

My artwork is a painting created with the medium of acrylic paint on 18 x 24 canvas size. The event in the painting took place in the heavenly realm from which we can see the earth and the outer space as well. The story behind it is about the angel that is a messenger which god has sent to earth to inform us humans to always pray in the spirit for the end is nigh, and so that we all can become strong enough in the Lord to take our stand against spiritual evil forces, that lies within our world. it can be seen as well that the angel as the emphasis also can be recognize as a tree that has the forbidden fruit suggesting that the beginning and the end is just intertwined.

How it fits into contest

My artwork is related to spiritual battle or some aspect of Ephesians 6:10-20 in a way that it shows that we should prepared ourselves and always be with the Lord for we don't know when the evil forces will come , we must stand firm praying to the spirit on all occasions. And always applying into our life the message of the Lord for we must put it into action and not just learning but using it as well as our guide in our daily life.

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