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Graduated in Performing Arts, with emphasis on Direction, from the Universidade Estadual do Paraná and Post-graduate student in Marketing and Social Media at Faculdade Unina, she has already worked at Banco Mercantil de São Paulo in Brazil and LVMH Lda in Portugal. As an artist, she writes short stories , poetry and photographs, transmitting images and political, social, environmental and psychological messages. She has participated in two plastic arts exhibitions and in a photographic collection by the Centro de Estudos Ibéricos, also receiving some awards and honourable mentions in the literary area. In addition, she also works in the business segment in the service sector and offers free consultancy to micro-entrepreneurs.


Be peace in the midst of afflictions



Artist Statement

The woman in the centre highlights her own human affliction through the psychological fog around her, being torn between the light and dark of her thoughts. However, at the same time that the environment refers to the dark side of the situation, the light stands out much more as if to say, be light, be peace in the midst of her afflictions.

How it fits into contest

The battle of psychological afflictions cause more damage and pain around them through despair and anxious state. The affliction when not resting in peace brings unwise words, leaves the soul in imbalance and the wild and rash acts bring negative consequences not only to the person themselves, but to those around them as well.


Botho Strauss.

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I write briefings, screenplays, short stories, poems and create videos and art pieces.

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