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Artist bio

André Boto, born in 1985, a freelance Photographer from Portugal working in following areas: Conceptual/Creative, Commercial, Architecture, Interiors, Industrial, Decoration Projects, Portrait and Post-Production in Photoshop. I was always interested in arts and design, devoting much time to the drawing. For him, it´sreally challenging to create/re-create our own worlds based on optical illusion, and he is fascinated by Surrealism and by author like M.C.Escher and René Magritte. Main Achievments: 2022 - Grand Prize Winner of the International Environmental Photography Contest 2022, USA. 2021 - Overall Winner of the WPE Awards 2021, France 2021 - Platinum Awards in Muse Photography Awards 2021, USA. 2021 - 1st Prize in Product Category of the Creative Photo Awards 2021, Italy. 2020 - Gold Medal in the San Francisco Bay International Awards, USA. 2010 - FEP - European Photographer of the Year 2010




Digital Art

Artist Statement

Life in society is a huge challenge and every day we find ourselves fighting huge battles with ourselves along with the constant threats and temptations that surround us.

Not everything is what it seems, and as much as there are those who love us, there are always many other people who don't love us and try to pull us down.

We need to stay strong and believe in ourselves, transform good memories into inner strength and move forward with the support of those who love us.

How it fits into contest

The hand element has always played an important role in the arts due to its strong symbolism and expressiveness.

I established the relationship with Ephesians 6:10-20 using the representation of good and evil (God and Evil) with the use of hands. The hands in different positions sometimes symbolize challenges/temptations and evil (below) and on the other side the kindness to those who love us (above).

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I´m a professional photographer based in Portugal working in the commercial areas: Advertising, product, architecture, interior and industrial.
You can find more info in my website (

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