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I am an artist inspired by the forces of nature and spirit. It is my goal that through my art I remind us that we are all connected. Nature is my main theme throughout my artwork. My favorite pieces are where I use surrealism and juxtaposition to illustrate my goal of us being connected with our surroundings. As far as faith is concerned, I consider myself more of a spiritual Christian than a religious Christian. I try to find God's beauty and wisdom in every moment of life including the little things.


Warrior of Peace



Artist Statement

This artwork for me symbolized my spiritual peace through God. This is where I go when I meditate. The girl meditating under the waterfall was based off myself. I created a single line of focus using the waterfall, God's light, and the energy of the girl's spirit (done with iridescent sparkle paste). This shows that through our connection with God we can find peace and therefore bring peace to the world around us. Depicted above the rocks and moss of the waterfall wall are the forces of evil. They are peeking over trying to get to the girl, however, God's light shines through them triumphantly.

How it fits into contest

What stood out the most to me in this verse is that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the devil's schemes. I believe that it is through giving time to prayer and to meditation that I can ask God for his armor. That we can find our peace through God to fight against evil. For it is through our own peace that we can lead by example to help others find their peace.

This is why I chose to paint my place of inner peace that God has given me. I depicted the forces of evil (demons) in the top of the painting overlooking the person at peace. However, God's light shines through them and onto the girl meditating, showing His strength over evil.


Jasmine Buller

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Warrior of Peace
Original Painting
Acrylic on Canvas

All Purchase Inquiries can be made with:

Jasmine Lillian Buller
Insta: #jasmine.buller
FB: @artbyjasminelillian

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I am a professional artist that provides many commissioned services including but not limited to:

Pet Portraits
Vacation Landscape Paintings
Any Commissioned Painting

I work primarily in acrylic paint, but also in digital painting and drawing.

I also am an art instructor for acrylic paint, digital painting, and drawing.

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