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Christen lives and works by the mountains outside of Charlottesville, Virginia with her husband, four kids, flock of hens, two goats and rescue dog. Her work has been exhibited across the US and she's represented by the Capital Artist Collective (DC) and Liza Pruitt (Richmond).


All Things



Artist Statement

This piece was commissioned by All Soul Church in Charlottesville to commemorate Christ the King Sunday and was installed on Sunday, November 21, 2021. The general composition was inspired after a conversation with the two pastors where we both felt that a baby Jesus, the earth and a staff should all be present somehow. Jesus, the fruit of Mary's world-altering 'Yes!' lives out his kingship by entering this world as a humble child. Her yes lead to his, which enables ours.

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This piece draws our attention to the paradox of battle imagery in the Bible. Christ ultimately fights the battle against the powers and principalities for us, and Christ came not as a conquering warrior but as a helpless infant through whom all things are held and under whom all things are governed.


All Souls Church, Charlottesville

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