Artist bio

My Name is Mina Gamal 29 years old. graduated from faculty of commerce


Abu Tig , Assiuot , Egypt



Artist Statement

Statue of the Virgin Mary, the meaning behind this statue The statue shows that obedience to God, humility and love for others appear in our features and gives us peace of mind and reassurance and gives those who see our face a feeling of comfort towards us

How it fits into contest

The Virgin Mary was an example of obedience to parents, which was reflected in her obedience to God, and she was characterized by calm, meekness and sincerity.


The person who was credited was Christ and his teachings

How to Purchase this Artwork

The cost of the statue is 50 US dollars. Whoever wants to buy it goes to the city of Abu Tij, Assiut, Egypt, and contacts me via e-mail or your Facebook email, Mina Gamal Abdou .

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I draw artistic paintings, pharaonic statues, and other hand-carved statues of stones, wood, and others. Whoever wants to communicate with me can contact me via Facebook, by e-mail, or by mobile phone number 01123128485, Abu Tig City, Assiut, Egypt.

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