Artist bio

Josh Trombley, born in 1997 in Malone, NY, received his BFA from State University of New York Plattsburgh in 2019 and had an art studio internship at Josephine Sculpture Park following graduation. Since then, he has been exhibiting work in various shows across the country including Indianapolis, IN, Little Rock, AK, and Glens Falls, NY with award recognitions. While residing in Clemson, SC, Trombley takes inspiration from the sequential narrative structure of comic strips and incorporates it into his studio practice.




Mixed Media

Artist Statement

My drawing uses the sequential narrative of comic strips to depict multiple stages of mental struggle. Using a simplified representation of myself, I am able to articulate the feelings needed through physical mark making and color. I use watercolor, charcoal, and oil pastel to help process the emotions I am feeling within each panel. A consistency in each drawing is the expressive marks that correlates to the mind always ruminating. From uncertainty to clarity, each panel depicts a moment where I have struggled and come to terms with myself.

How it fits into contest

The armor of God is reassurance that we can stand up against our own evil. Knowing that even through uncertainty and doubt, if we keep looking toward the Lord, we can trust that the Lord will protect us, not only from the outside and physical space, but internally as well. We all have moments when we question ourselves and turn away but when we face the Lord, he will always show us the way.


My wife, Jackie, my parents, and my grandparents.

How to Purchase this Artwork

$2,000 if interested, please email me.

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