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Melissa currently resides in North Carolina, where she works with clients assisting them in bringing their book and film concepts to the page. Melissa also spends a great deal of time helping kids of all ages discover the joys of writing. After receiving my Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and a Bachelor of Science in Film, I began ghostwriting. Shortly thereafter I began working with producers to develop and write features and series. I currently reside reside in North Carolina, where I work with clients assisting them in bringing their film concepts to the page.


Armor of God

Artist Statement

We have always wanted to work on Christian films to help believers see the word in a different light and also bring non believers to Christ.

How it fits into contest

How do we put Ephesians 6:10-20 into practice? This was the questions we wanted to answer with this film. We start our day with God’s word and we go to him in prayer. This is the concept of Armor of God. As a man much like you and me begins his day, he seeks God by reading the Bible. As he reads in the physical realm, spiritually he begins putting on his armor. Then he takes all his worries, cares, dreams to God in prayer. As he speaks to God, he is spiritually preparing for all that he may encounter in the day. Now, that he is fully equipped with the armor of God, he is ready.


Melissa Butler: Director / Camera Operator Jonathan McDougald: Director of Photography

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