Artist bio

My name is Phillip Cutler, I am an English major at CSU who is trying to pay his tuition. I play violin, and I also enjoy drawing.


Holy Armor

Artist Statement

Please note that I did not have as much time as I would have liked to work on this film and as a result it isn't at the level of polish that I would have liked, being more of a creative idea than a fully fledged film. However, my inspiration for this film actually came from the scene in iron man 3 where tony stark holds out his hand and pieces of his suit fly to him. This is actually almost entirely new for me. I have made videos before but they are an entirely different style.

How it fits into contest

This film shows all of the pieces of the holy armor being summoned for use in a spiritual battle by a spiritual warrior as it is written in Ephesians.


My mom (She ran the camera), and myself (I did the acting)

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I edit essays, and I make furniture!

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