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I'm Sayab Fassen. I'm a Mexican filmmaker in progress who want's to tell stories about transcendence or decadence of the people. I started to make my own short films since 10 ago. The last year, I worked in 3 short films as co-writter, co-director, producer and post-producer (the 1st one of them, was produced in San Francisco for the ONE LOVE ONG, and was nominated for the All American High School Film Festival 2019). I am currently studying animation in Guadalajara city, because I want to expand my knowledge to apply it in my work as a filmmaker.



Artist Statement

A lonely girl after becoming famous on social networks, she transforms into something else ...

How it fits into contest



Brendon Milán-Howells - Co-director, writer, executive producer
Sayab Fassen - Co-director, co-writer, DP, producer, post-producer
Claudia Gómez - 1st AD
Sofía Topete - Makeup
Estefanía Olmos - Set dressing
Caleb Liu - Music Score
Francisco Mojardo - Location sound
José Vergara - Staff/Grip
Denisse López - Staff/Grip

Jimena Peón - Medusa
Karina González - Medusa's mother
Alfredo Fassen - Medusa's father
Brendon Milán-Howells - Extra
Sergio López - Extra
Daniel Hernández - Extra
Claudia Gómez - Extra

Transcript / Lyrics

Spanish, English

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