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My name is Jorge Estuardo I’m 39 years old from Guatemala, I studied digital animation at the university in Costa Rica, in the third year of my degree I was struck by making videos mixing animation and real shots, from this experience I created videos for both university projects as for competitions, the themes that have attracted me are those that have to do with people in their daily lives. I won some recognitions and prizes in these contests, one of them took me to travel to Mexico. I currently live in Guatemala where I continue my passion behind the scenes as a volunteer in the church's tv department, where I have been serving for 1 year in the broadcasts of the "Vida Real" services, and I also work teaching audiovisual production classes in a college.


Be Strong



Artist Statement

Last year I had the experience of accompanying my nephews at various school events and for each of them I noticed the effort that their mothers had put in preparing them to achieve their goals. This was recorded in me for when I read about the armor of God, I related the important role of parents in guiding children on the right path, and in this case transmitting the word of God. The result of the video is thanks to the help of two families, since almost all the team members and the actors are part of my family and my girlfriend's family. It is the first time I have worked directing children, so this was challenging.

How it fits into contest

The central idea that I wanted to convey is the importance of the word of God as the source of our spiritual strength. The word of God ends up being the key to overcome in this story.
Additionally, adults are responsible for guiding children, dressing them, and feeding them with the word of God, strengthening their spirit for the trials that will come in their growth. Although the story unfolds in a school activity, which can be interpreted as a safe environment, for the children they represent activities in which they may be afraid of performing poorly, more important than the contest itself, rather the message is from pay our attention to the word that always reminds us that in the face of the trials that are to come in life, we must stay strong in God and his promises.


Jorge Estuardo Flores Ovando: Provided the idea, directed and film, and did the production design.
Ana Marcela González: tramit the permissions for the location (teather), also cast twoof their nephews.
Kristen Gooch: Made the voice over.

Roxana Flores: as the mom of the main artist.
Ana Marcela: as the Spelling bee moderator.
Isabella Valdez, Diego Flores, Sophía Suchini, Isabela Suchini: spelling bee kids.

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