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Rafael Urquilla Actor, writter and amateur director. I live in El Salvador, Central American, at the moment, I do short film, hoping to get the experience, so ina near future be able to make great and direct movies. I have a Christian blog called "God's Warriors"(Guerreros de Dios Por El Mundo) to motive youngs and adults Christians to keep fighting, know the God's purpose in our lives.


breaking barriers



Artist Statement

Breaking Barriers

Due to depression two out of one hundred Christians died without any signs.

This is a personal proyect for me, since I suffered depression and pain due to different types of situations in my life.
Sometime people think as Christian we can't feel pain, just because we have God in our hearts.
So I wanted to show how all this scenarios makes us vulnerable as humans so, we can derailed from Christ path.
But God gives us a powerful passage Ephesians 6:10-20 (God's Armor) given us the power from God.

How it fits into contest

This short film fifs with Ephesians 6:10-20 when we feel vulnerable, and we grew apart from God and forget about him.
Ephesians 6:10-20, God's Armor gives us the power to protect ourselves from our inside demons. And makes us feel the power of his word.
Truth,righteousness,gospel of peace, helmet of salvation,the word of God, faith and prayer.
Only this can help us and make us stronger against everything.


Actor and Director
Rafael Urquilla

Rebeca De La Cruz

David Melgar

Touching moment
Romantic heroe
Free music

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Transcript / Lyrics

Breaking Barriers

Today I received the worst news of my life.
The Cancer came back.
Not only that a drunk driver related accident. Took away from me... my wife.
And also, took the most precious thing in this life...
My daugther.
I always thought as Christian, I wasn't going to feel pain and be depressed, but I was wrong.
Now I know how fragil humans can be.
My family's death made me stop seeking God,and that took all my tools to fight in this life against everything.
I knew I had to make a decision...
And did what I have to do
Took everything I have...
I know it wasn't to look back.
And this inner power,took me to a place where I was reborn again.
Also gave, me all the most powerfull knowledge to resist this feelings:Ephesians 6:10-20
God's Armor:truth,righteousness,gospel of peace, helmet of salvation, the word of God, faith and prayer.
Share his knowledge throu social media.
Gave me and my followers the power to rise strong and build better walls, against the devil...
So we can be powerfull.
Due to this my healt is better...
I might no have my family with me...
But, that makes me to be closer to God...
And knowing everyday he is with me,give me the peace, tranquility, and makes me also to be stronger than ever.

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