Artist bio

Well since 5th grade I was interested in art using what materials I had then evolving into a more passionate artist. Seeing my potential I keep doing it and praying about it, the lord guide my hands through the whole process. He helps me more and more he is my teacher and critique.Iam optimistic, blunt and innovative and I love motivation. It was me I’m a one man art unit I do my own stuff it is all original and my idea. Being independent brings me more courage because you can only count on God and yourself when it comes to big and significant things and ideas.


Amor descends for Battle.


Digital Art

Artist Statement

You feel the power in the Scriptures when it tells you to put the amor of God on. So with saying that I wanted to capture the power of the amor through the luminance and structure of the piece. The gold represents how the streets of heaven are and how gold is valuable and represents wealth. The light represents God as he is the light he has no shape nor form. The darkness and fire embers you see are the evils that lie around and surround, us with weapons ready to try and attempt to cut us down but they can’t because we are ready we have the AMOR OF GOD.

How it fits into contest

Because every day we fight evils but we are not alone w wear the amor of god. Our prays keep us stead fast the evils are beneath us we can’t be defeated. God the Light will always protect us. The amor Is a metaphor of Gods protection. It is power no evil can be above it.


Yssach Petty (me). I took me a few days to think this idea up looking at a few of my older armor concept drawings and a few on google. Then I just went from there and started the digital process of making it.

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