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Born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, Ethan Edvenson grew up experiencing the city lifestyle while living in the countryside. Influenced by a variety of books and television shows, Ethan spent most of his early youth drawing as a way of retelling the stories he had heard or making his own. This eventually grew to him making comics based on his own stories as well as other artworks during his teenage years. However, despite how much he enjoyed making art, Ethan hadn’t considered beginning a career in the art field until a publications teacher in high school asked him to draw cartoons for the school newspaper. Ethan Edvenson is a fine artist who emphasizes in drawing. He primarily works with India ink and acrylic paint on wooden panels and different types of paper. Many of his works are defined by their loose brushstrokes and linework, use of gravity, and a high control of color. Running themes Ethan uses include paranoia, isolation, consumption of media, and humor. These ideas are usually depicted through abstract monuments, appropriated imagery, and figures which come together with text to create a fuzzy narrative.


Body A Rebirth


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

A collage of photography and drawing, made physically and edited digitally. Most of my work involves combining obscure imagery from pop culture with my own photos and drawings to create a new message and show the imagery in an unfamiliar way.

How it fits into contest

Part of the work's theme and title is about how we are given new bodies once we arrive in Heaven, or our Body B. After becoming saved, we are reborn in Christ spiritually though our bodies remain the same, hence a Body A Rebirth. Even if our Earthly body is damaged, our spirit is what is important and it can remain strong through God's word and we will be given a perfect body in eternity as a reward.
Using robotic legs and a chest for the body of the main figure was a more literal take on wearing armor, but I was trying to convey the sturdiness and preparedness the figure has now that they are standing strong in the lord. This is further emphasized by the industrial imagery on the middle left side with spiritual energy covering it. A small snake above fire is contained in a dome on top of the industrial form, showing what little power the devil has in this situation. The Mr. Bones candy skeleton is shown as a hint to the transition our Body A will take as it becomes bone and dust one day. His heart is still emphasized though since it is most important and death won't matter if we take up the armor of God. Lastly, an x-ray is in the background further pointing at the theme of the spirit being connected with God and contrasting with the physical body and skeleton.


The piece was made by only me, Ethan Edvenson.

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11"x17" prints of this piece are available for $20 each plus shipping. Email me at OR go to my website and leave a message to purchase one.

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Direct commissions, prints, drawings, mixed media pieces

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