Artist bio

My name is Diana Fernanda Montañez Vera (Mexico, 1994), I’m an artist that lives and works in Toluca, Mexico State. I studied Industrial Design at the Autonomous Mexico State University and at University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE), Portugal. My paints are pices of my life and story, based mainly on some impression of personal dream images mixed with the feelings that they cause on me, also adding some natural elements in order to capture the weird beauty that surround us and is part of us





Artist Statement

This oil painting was created with the purpose to express all my feelings, share a part of myself with others, remembering that each of us have a battle inside, but no matter how harsh is it, we must try to be the kind of person we would like to meet in our path to make it better, and do not forget that along this way God is with us. I think is amazing how you can make others feel with your work, to awake something in themselves, to simply conect. Because nowadays the world needs to remember how is to practice empathy, and I hope with my art I could give this message and touch some souls.

How it fits into contest

In this painting I want to represent all the battles, obstacles and tempests outside and inside me, but at the same time I want to show the moment when I feel safe and unsinkable, a state of peace where we find the force to move on, in order to see everything in a different way through faith. I want to express this force as God´s shield from his tripartite essence, his armor doesn’t let me sink, even when I feel like I´m drowning and the fear rises, all his energy surrounds me and I fell alive, and that we are here not just to be happy, but also to learn, to feel and to experience life itself, and that somehow, we are eternal.


I paint "Unsinkable" with the support of my brothers, Norberto and Pepe and also my friend Beto, who always belive in my talent.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This painting is original
Oil on canvas, 35 x 39 x 1 inches

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