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Young female that likes to express herself through creative medium. Currently self-learning digital art and hoping to become a professional artiste in the future. I am a professional chef


God's Armour is Much Lighter


Digital Art

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I did a digital piece even though I am much better at drawing and using mixed media. I am teaching myself how to make digital art, so this contest is confidence boost for me. I initially had to draw most of it on paper then trace in a painting app then went on to do multiple layers from backgrounds to effects. I find it more tedious than my usual art but I am really determined to excel in digital art.

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Upon reading the scriptures about the spiritual battle, a lot of ideas came to mind for a visual art piece, however I could not find a strong connection between them and my purpose of spreading the lord's word. After many weeks of continuous study of Ephesians 6, I decided to reflect on my christian journey for better understanding. I grew up with my mother and four other sisters and of us only two are christians including myself. In the early part of my journey, I struggled with being open about God and standing up to the negative critics in and outside of my family. Instead I would hide behind anything I could find, like I would say "It may just be a phase" or "I only go to church to socialize". That was a heavy burden because I wanted to do the right thing and always tell the truth, but I was constantly being made fun and criticized. Looking back now, I was wearing an armour full of excuses and was sometimes ashamed for people to see the real me, so I made sure I was covered from head to toe to avoid getting hurt. However, once I accepted God wholeheartedly as my saviour and I was able to stop hiding being my old armour. I felt a tremendous weight lifted off me, making me much happier and comfortable. This helped me to understand the scriptures better, that the real battle is not with flesh and blood but is of the spirit. the body may need heavy armour but a righteous spirit is protected by God.


Shanique Eldemire

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This is an original digital art piece

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I sell my digital art as prints for any product on Redbubble. Link below.

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