jodie filan

Artist bio

Jodie Filan is addicted to crystal meth. This painting represents her struggle with good and evil. In a moment of despair she used her own blood to colour it red. She is still alive today by the grace of God. Through his guidance she finds the strength to wake every day and deal with the decaying community that surrounds her; her goal is to help it . Bring light to addiction and mental illness, hoping peace and forgiveness will prevail. Jodie Filan works in all traditional mediums, airbrush, tattooing, oil and acrylic paint and pencils and markers. She focuses on realism, however now incorporates surrealism and abstract to her work .


Crystal Dreams


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Acrylic paint, coloured markers, charcoal and blood. My life fell apart and I lived on the street for two months. I wanted to die , in a rage I opened up my arm and let it drip on the art . This art work shows my interal struggle with crystal meth addiction, good and evil. I'm trying to get to God at the same time trying to ignore the devil.


Jodie Filan

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Prints 8x10 15$ and 17x13 30$

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