Artist bio

Adam was born and raised in Portland, OR, and he continues to live and work toward sharing the Gospel through art and story in the Portland area and internationally. He is an award-winning stage and screen actor, writer, and filmmaker, whose work includes NBC's Grimm, the faith-based feature drama Undeserved (best supporting actor), and the new drama Losing Addison, in which he stars, featuring Twin Peaks breakout and fellow believer Sherilyn Fenn.


Self Portrait



Artist Statement

This painting represents the imagination, potential, and the things that limit. It's a depiction perhaps of depression, loneliness, or anxiety, and the beauty one wishes to connect with.

How it fits into contest

"...For I am an ambassador in chains." The lock in this painting is an imprisonment of its own - a subconscious restriction from fullness of joy, of experience, of community... in our downfallenness, we are prevented from realizing the perfect potential God created, and so in faith, by grace, we release the bonds, unlock the cell doors, and are set free.


Adam did all work related to this painting. God provided the means to complete it.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Original work unmounted - $300
Shipped in tube mailer

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

Happy to consider commissions, teach 1-on-1 video coaching for actors, write and direct film projects, direct plays

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