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My name is Le'Shondre Higdon and I am a painter and graphic designer. I was born and raised in Oklahoma and graduated college with a BFA degree. I recently started painting in two thousand and sixteen. My teacher thought I was very painterly and encouraged me to take more painting courses. Which is how I became a double major. I love when I can incorporate my relationship with God in my art! My art really allows me to put all my flaws and struggles front and center for others to see. I believe it is important for everyone to know we are not alone in the things we face. Thank you! There is no team, only me!





Artist Statement

This is a self portrait of myself battling with no-one other than myself. Though they both look similar both are dressed similar they are different. One is enjoying the other struggling gasping for air or even freedom. While the one4 to the right is in anguish and trying wit everything in her to get free. My work usually consists of portraits of my self that embodies some fight. Some I lose, and some I win. My artwork displays people's flaws or shortcomings because to me their is beauty in overcoming, beauty in brokenness.

How it fits into contest

Every one has battles, and we don't have to face them alone. The piece I submitted is called "Double-Minded". With all the spiritual battles we face we tend to start one within ourselves. Unsure of which way we should go, what voice is God's voice. I personally really struggled with this while painting this piece, I wanted to give up, throw in the towel, that would of been easier.


Le'Shondre Higdon

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original oil painting. The frame for the canvas was also custom built for the painting.
This piece is not for sale.

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Commissioned Painter
Freelance Graphic Designer

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