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My Name is Neo Mlangeni and I'm a truck transporter at Bloemfontein (South Africa). I do Art in my evenings as a part time. My goal is to be recognised as a professional artist.





Artist Statement

Charcoal and graphite
A1 150 gsm paper

Our modern cycle of a man's life .
When you are childlike and playful, you produce humility which enables you to have faith and trust in God. Like the changing of seasons, the spirit of God flows throughout our life stages. In this art piece, I'm trying to portray the spirit change that comes with growth of a physical man. Realise that the three figures makes a inverted triangle, portraying that the greatest among us, is a child. The over sized jacket on the lower figure is sign to portray the the robe of honour that God give you when you humble yourself.

How it fits into contest

On this art piece, I have tried to capture the spirit by the use of facial expressions; For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Though we have a good sense of the importance of the spirit in our lives, our only hope is in the Lord through Prayer. See, prayer is our full amour, although our nature is that of a child, God has clothed us with a clothing from heaven, thus we can happily pray without ceasing. The problem comes when we start to be naked (without full armour), but even in those circumstances, the type of prayer we do is to look up on mountain where our help comes from, our help comes from the Lord of host. Even if time may pass by and it seems like we are too old, in that mist of stress, our prayer is that we know that he who promised is faithful and trustworthy;and shall never leave us nor forsake us. But he will surely come through for our life, like he did with Job.


I give credit to my mentor Mr Richard Bollas, from whom I had great constructive critic on this art piece.

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Selling price: $700
Please contact me on WhatsApp for further information: 073 652 9625

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