Sarah Switlyk

Artist bio

My name is Sarah Switlyk and I'm 19 years old living in Clinton Township, New Jersey. I'm currently a student at Raritan Valley Community College, majoring in Visual Arts.


God's Guidance


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

This piece was made starting with a watercolor based and refined with ink details. I have always been interested in line reliant works of art, and I am currently focusing my attention to refining my use of color and light.

How it fits into contest

This piece is about finding comfort in the presence of God during a time f mental anguish. The woman in this image is not specifically me, but I'd like to relate myself to her, as I hope others do too. We all fight similar battles like the one described in Ephesians 6: 10-20, may it be battles with temptation and warding off evils in this world, but we all have the help and guidance of God. Many of these battles are internal, to which total submission and faith in God will help resolve these issues. It is my goal for the people that view this image to remember that.


Sarah Switlyk: Artist

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