Artist bio

​I Am a confident Designers that has been trained in the digital arts at Benedictine university. I love coming up with new concepts and solutions that can be created in the real world. To me art is not just something you can hang on a wall but also something that has meaning and carefully thought out. At a young age I loved creating and as I got older my passion to create only grew.


State of Change


Digital Art

Artist Statement

This is a triadic art peace that represents the emotional state of being lost and depressed and then fining oneself. Because of this it is important to look at the three images in order. The first image is the one titled Trapped (this image is the one with the words trapped on it). The second image is the one titled Limbo (this image is the one with the poem on it) and the third image is titled Potential Self (this image is the one with the words potential self in it).

My intention with this art peace was to create something that is in some way relatable in the up and downs of life and the emotions it can take you through.

How it fits into contest

The representation of depression is a battle not of flesh and blood but agents the forces of the unknown. The world becomes darker and the struggle to do anything is near impossible trapping you. Making you feel detached week and frail which is depicted in the first image titled Trapped.

The second image in the triad represents the battle between oneself and the demos pulling you back down. Finding the strength within represents the armor of god supporting you away from the cage of darkness into the path of light.

lastly the third image (titled Potential self) represents one’s self in the glory of light freed from all daemons and protected with god’s grace.


creater: Rebecca Mc Donough
images previded by Arvydas Venckus, Andrei lazarev, and fernando paz

How to Purchase this Artwork

this is a original work of art
If you would lik a print you can contact me

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free-lance artist
graphic design work
free-lance painter
watercolor, acrylic, gauche

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