Janice Borel

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I have been teaching art for the past twenty years, with the purpose of leading my students to Christ and building their faith in Him and his word. I work in all media and also do some restoration. listed in Cambridge whos who for artist of the year whos who for art instructor 2008. Have designed tee shirts for the worlds fair in New Orleans. Designed and painted and outfit for Rodeo Queen of Virginia, Baley Johnson. Help to restore Ridge runner train in Bluefield West Virginia. My work was displayed at the Greenbriar Gallery for five years. Have painted many murals in Louisiana and west Virginia and restored 200 year old mural from Italy over 80 feet long. I have won many awards in various shows throughout Virginia and West Virginia, however I can do nothing of myself. but I believe in Phil:4:13.


First Step to spiritual warfare.



Artist Statement

The process of The First Step To Spiritual Warfare is in the style of Michelangelo the old masters technique.
The process of The Battle Belongs to the Lord is the same with different color scheme.

How it fits into contest

The First Step To Spiritual Warfare, as in Romans 13:12 and Romans 13:14 Examine your heart to see if its sincere or hypocritical. 1st Chron. 28:9 and Romans 8:27 before standing you must humble yourself and yield to the Lord. 2nd Chron. 7:14 And then follow instructions in Ephesians chapter 6.


My husband Verne posed for the painting The First Step To Spiritual Warfare, and the wounded soldier is my son Tommy and my other son Michael was battling cancer in both cases the Lord was sought using Is 58:6. In both instances I, the women in the painting followed these instructions in secret. Both prayers were answered. God is faithful.

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The work is original: NFS

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