westxide July

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I go by Westxide July. My art is based off of blessings and tragedies that happen within the course of life. All made from tape and clip art. Real life photoshop is what I refer to my pieces as.


King B



Artist Statement

This is a memorial for my friend Brandon DeAndre Myers who was murdered on May 4th,2013. Entering a party, Brandon was shot 6 times in his back and died on the way to the hospital.

How it fits into contest

This relates as those 10 verses dive into the armor of god, explaining what you put on to guard your heart and your life while not being of the world but definitely apart of it. Without the armor designated by GOD, we won’t stand the test of the battles that make us battle tested. This piece explains an individual who may not have been deemed perfect due social norms and religious standards but to everyone that knew B personally is that he kind of could do no wrong. Bro maintained a certain energy that surpassed that of a regular human being. He was like Superman. Gave from his heart and his last, need be! I believe Brandon had on armor that he didn’t even know was donned him from birth that could only come from the most high and divine and only noticed in a spiritual realm where spirits are fighting a bigger fight to save humanity from ourselves. This is my Final greeting.


Duct tape and Scotch Tape 🤷🏾‍♂️😁

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