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Tolyak started out as a comic book artist for a company in Australia and worked his way up to indie filmmaker with many up's and downs.


Alice wants more wonderland



Artist Statement

Jesus as the market place.. Visual depictions of our lord have often been used as illuminated manuscripts. One such occasion is depictions of Jesus as Apollo, in this painting he is seen as a muscle bound hobo being drawn in a chariot by children, as in platonic verse, one steed dark, one light. The yin yang of man's duality in nature.

How it fits into contest

Man's epic struggle between good and evil can be better understood if people policed themselves and conducted themselves in a polite manner.


Many new York city exhibits, Zurich, Montreal, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Detroit.

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Original work.. 2,500$
Pls contact artist at or 5145783912

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Available for music and video services as well.

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