Artist bio

I have been doing graphics for the past 15 years and being a Christian since i was a child and i always remember this scripture from Sunday School and as i grew up , i continued to hear sermons with this topic and it interested me that i drew the image of the soldier for a kids bible colouring book many years ago and this scripture is a foundation scripture in my life so when i saw this competition that incorporated 2 strong aspects of my life i couldnt resist taking part


The Battle


Digital Art

Artist Statement

This artwork was my first in depth piece done for scripture and my process was as usual to research and study over the scripture with prayer asking for guidance and direction as to how to create this piece and when i was done i felt a joy because this wasnt the first concept i had but this one the one that emerged from the others. my canon of work as a graphic artist is wide from doing artwork for print (brochures, flyers, posters, tracts, etc) but also signage and fleet graphics (digital and computer cut vinyl) and of course designing logos for many different types of businesses

How it fits into contest

The Concept is depicted as a boxing poster where the 2 combatants are placed on either side with their battle gear/arsenal. This battle is in the spiritual realm where the true essences of the combatants are seen; the fight is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places. The believer, the faded image of the man on his knees in prayer being connected to the God he serves, as from verse 18-20 of Eph 6 states, “ambassador in bonds he boldly speaks”, being covered and led by the Holy Spirit manifest the soldier in the full armor of God set to take action rightly dividing the word of truth and withstanding the wiles of the devil.
On the left is the Devil with a few of his arsenal that he uses against mankind that brings spiritual death.


my only contributor is God through the Holy Spirit so I give thanks to him for his grace, mercy, direction in my life and work as a whole. All praises to hm in the name of Jesus the Christ.

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