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I started drawing at a very early age, 5 or 6 years old. I was taught by my brother who later passed away at the age of 25 in 2012 but the seeds that he planted continue to flourish in my life to this day. I grew up in Florida where I attended BAK Middle school of the arts and majored in Visual Arts. It was at that school I had the opportunity to experiment with all types of art mediums from making my own camera from a box to take pictures, developing film in a dark room, creating mobiles, learning and creating with clay, self portraits, acrylic, water color and oil paints, sketching, print making and so many other art forms. I was recommended to audition for Dryefoos High school of the arts but my brother was very ill and my mother was constantly at the hospital with my brother so I couldn't audition to get in. Nevertheless I still continue to pursue my passion in art. I've now began to sell my art work. My desire is to create a space for myself in the art world that allows me to bring Christ in places His name has not been spoken. My medium of choice is acrylic paint and oil but I do not restrict myself. I enjoy telling complex stories and stories of my life through my work. I like for my paintings to have deeper meanings and cause people to really think. I've been through a lot and I believe through my work I have a story to tell! And I am just getting started.


Shoes of Peace: A Divine Partnership



Artist Statement

I teach children in the youth ministry at my church so I like to break down complicated scriptures to a more simple meaning that they would be more likely to understand. Before I began painting I thought of them that whatever I painted my hopes were I would be able to explain to even children. I like to think deep about a lot of things one thing is the word of God and how He speaks in the most simple ways. I want someone to look at my painting and think deep at all the hidden messages in my painting. The choice of color, placement and symbolism. Everything God creates is for a reason even if we don't understand so like my Father in heaven I paint with intentionality.

How it fits into contest

When I think of shoes of peace I think of a man made thing being divinely used by God. Shoes created by man and grass and flowers created by God. The shoes of peace reminds me of the Holy Spirit occupying us to manifest the presence and works of God here on this earth. Though I do believe that is what he meant when he said to have your feet readied with the Gospel of Peace we really need the Holy Spirit in order to do that.

I contrasted the colors of the shoes to be a dark and dull colors and the plants growing from it to be bright and vibrant as a representation of what the Gospel of peace does to ones life. It brings beauty and life. I also used the flowers to represent the divine as plants are not a man made thing but something solely created by God whereas the shoes were created by man. Representing the divine partnership of God and man on earth.

I made sure the Shoes of Peace were in dirt to represent the world and the necessity for life beyond the its current state


Shana LaBranche

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