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I am a self-taught artist that is driven by my love of art due to the complexities of emotions and life events that can be captured in a single portrait. I am driven by my desire for positivity and global change on issues such as racism and social injustice. I endeavor to shake the world through art in a positive way and to challenge people to see the world for the beauty that it could be. My art is a representation of the strength and excellence that is often overlooked due to the wrongful treatment of individuals. My art speaks for the children of God who have had their voices silenced.


Lyrical Prayers



Artist Statement

This artwork was created using multiple layers of epoxy resin mixed with mica powder and acrylic paint. Initially, I laid down a base layer of gold and black epoxy. Once the base layer was partially dry, I poured two additional layers of red and gold epoxy. I used a heat gun to add directionality to the top layer. The stark contrast between the portrait and the background is a signature of mine; it is my way of adding depth and artistic appeal. This artwork also fits into my canon of work because it depicts the strength and spirituality of an awe-inspiring minority that strived to better his community. The rapper in the portrait is Joyner Lucas who often fights for social reform within the world.

How it fits into contest

Lyrical Prayers is a depiction of a worldly soldier of God who uses his lyrical talents to pray for unity between all of God's creations. Ephesians 6:10-20 says, "pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and request. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all of the Lord's people." The rapper in the painting sends up his lyrical talents as a form of prayer for God's help in fighting the injustices that his people face. His cries to God are for the spiritual, cultural, and racial disconnect in humanity to be removed. In my opinion, God answers the rapper's prayers by uniting his people to shatter the oppressive barriers created by the "authorities, rulers, and spiritual forces" that have led so many to stray from God's path of righteousness.
Lyrical Prayers is a reflection of the worldly version of the ambassador in chains that is spoken about in Ephesians. He uses his lyrical analysis of the Gospel to defeat all forces of evil in the heavenly realms (earth). The powerful explosions of red in the background were created to represent those evil forces disrupting his prayer. The rapper looks towards the Lord's kingdom and begs for a savior for his brothers and sisters in suffrage. I purposely left the portrait matte so that it stands out from the glossiness of the epoxy to convey that evil may surround us but prayer will always protect us.


The entirety of the artwork was created by Zainab Muhammad.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Lyrical Prayers is an original work and is priced for $350. It is an epoxy resin pour and acrylic portrait. Inquires about this piece and more can be directed to my Instagram account at zay_nabby_artistry or to my phone at (859) 979-1012.

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Zay Nabby Artisity is available for direct commissions in any medium including paint, epoxy, woodburning, crochet, charcoal, or graphite.

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