Artist bio

My name is Kevin Carden and I am a photographer and digital artist. I have been involved in Christian-themed artwork since 2010, and I feature my works on as well as my Instagram and Facebook accounts. I am also a deacon and Sunday School teacher in my local church, and I am married with 2 young children. My family has always played a huge role in my art and they are featured in several of my images.


Sword of the Spirit


Digital Art

Artist Statement

This is a visual representation of the Sword of the Spirit described in Ephesians 6. I created this shot by taking two pictures of myself, and then one picture of a city scene for the background. The background in this case was Winston Salem, North Carolina. The first picture of me was holding a Bible, and the second picture of me was holding a sword in the attack position. I used photoshop to draw the lights and glows coming directly from the pages of the Bible and forming the shape of a man in attack mode.

How it fits into contest

This image was directly inspired from Ephesians 6 with regards to the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.


Kevin Carden - All photography and editing.

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For all purchases of my work in digital or print format, please visit

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