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As an oil painter, my journey in art has been dynamic over the past decade. After getting an advanced Diploma in Art and Design, I went on to teach young people how to paint. I explored my ability to interprete the world through art. Also, I organized art charity events to raise funds to support orphanages. After joining a christain organization as a volunteer, I have used art and design to support the creative development of the ministry. My love for teaching reflects in my desire to communicate deep biblical concept to the everyday christian


War of Words



Artist Statement

Mixed media: Oil painting on Canvas and Paper Mosaic
The painting shows a ghastly serpent moving through the mouth of four baleful masks. This illustrates that in spriitual warfare, Satan the serpent works out his evil schemes through four entities mentioned in Ephesians 6:12 namely: principalities, powers, the rulers of the darkness of this age, and the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.
The serpent emerges from the mouth of the last mask releasing it's venomous tongues into an expanse of darkness. This shows that the schemes of satan prevails through deception. Deception is the absense of truth, a divergence from the word of God.
Moroever, the serpent is bound by three scarlet cords which symbolizes the authority the church has to bind on earth as it is in heaven.
The background reveals expulsion of darkness by a mosaic of scriptures. This shows that we overthrow the falsehood or deception of satan through the word of God. It becomes evident that the Word of God is critical in applying the armor of God in our everyday lives.
This is a war of words; standing against the schemes of the devil by the word of God

How it fits into contest

On the day the corners of the earth were formed, the Owner spoke light through a thoroughly written speech of the Word, articulating freedom and salvation to all
And oh, see how, from until now, the Owner has made men sons of God because He spoke to them by His Son... His Son, the Word of God.

When the Owner was speaking light, there was another, knitting four strange forces, binding them into an opera chorus, a total dissonance to the ear of the sons.
This one was a serpent in the beginning of genes and was suddenly a dragon when he was truly revealed.
I've seen Satan masquerading as a messenger of light representing in all the things that could tear a man's life.
See how he masks as a principal in a school of hatred, carrying a cane until all the principalities hate man like him.
I think I see Satan again and how does he manage to be so artistic with switching these masks?...
Yesterday, he showed up as power, brushing his stolen strength in the faces of the sons, deceiving them that they are too weak to fight.
A week before that, he was sitting on a broken throne as a ruler of darkness, ruling his cohorts of demons spitting fear and commanding them to spread death.
Today, before my lashes could land in a blink, I saw him lifted so high in pride in wickedness and he causes men to suffer so much, so that they will be distracted from attaining the crown.
When I saw these four masks, I saw one wearer, the shamed devil!

Look, there's an army of children, marching strong, not breaking rank, not missing step, standing strong and their beautiful sound says, "The light, the light of His Word. We are the light of the world, shining by His Word and pushing back the darkness."
With every repetition of that line, there was a resounding revelation of His Word. They seemed to be merely singing but every voice weapons blinding light...
They seem to be merely singing, but each time they sang, a strong voice like rushing waters responded from heaven... a sweet conversation was happening... the great prayer of the saints.
Apparently, every time they wielded the Word, they sounded the prayer horn and their feet were strengthened to stand...
And now, see how the masquerades are rather being scared off by children.... what a public spectacle!

Oh we are an army and our war garment is complete. Indeed, God who has spoken to us by His Son, has rallied us an army of His Word, and we have life, life as the light, and darkness cannot even comprehend it!

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