Kristie Drake

Artist bio

Kristie Drake lives in Westwood, NJ. She is a Teacher's Aide at a local elementary school. She has earned an Associate's Degree in Fine Art. The medias she uses are acrylic oil paint, watercolor, watercolor pencils and cray-pas. She has displayed her art at Art in the Park at Van Saun County Park in Paramus several times and at several local libraries. She has taught art to seniors at nursing homes through her previous position as an Activity Assistant. She has also taught art in Albania at various children’s ministries in churches and also to disabled adults there. She led an art club where people created art to Biblical themes. She walks her students through the process of drawing. Kristie is influenced to paint places she's seen in her travels and pictures she likes of animals and landscapes. She transforms what she sees in a picture to make it more captivating bringing the most joy to a viewer. Admire the beauty of God's creation.


Spiritual Battle


Digital Art

Artist Statement

Step into this moment. Free, fresh, new. Live every moment in the present. Here with me. Do what you were called to do. Walk into your destiny. Be who God called you to be. It's a choice. You don't have to. I'm here with you. Live up to your full potential. Don't buy this painting because you like me. Buy it because it speaks to you. Its sums up your desires in a nutshell. It calls you to live your life to the fullest. Don't make your mark on the sand. Leave your footprint in the cement like a fossil. I speak joy, inspiration and love to you. I paint, draw and write to encourage you no matter who you are. Only good things can come of this.

I paint, draw and write out of a self therapy, but I want it to spill over to you. I want it to take away all of dark seeds in life; your fears, your regrets and your failures. My life and yours.

Like what you see and be inspired. Be inspired to do all that God is calling you to.

Take Action now. One small step could lead you into your destiny. Don't hesitate, take that leap of faith now. Do what God is calling you to do. Don't Stop.

You are the answer to someone else's prayer. If you feel lead to intercede on behalf of someone. Do it. Day after day. Don't be surprised if God calls you to action. Caution: don't pray if you aren't willing to be the answer to someone else's prayer. You may be asked to give until it hurts for God's glory.

How it fits into contest

Nothing is impossible with God. Through prayer the spiritual warrior can defeat the schemes of the evil one. Dressed in red, the warrior is covered by the blood of Jesus who was slain on the cross for us. Jesus' righteousness shines through anyone wearing the full armor of God. The blue in the belt, sword, shield and boots show the peace the gospel of truth brings. It expresses the calmness of the Holy Spirit in the mist of trouble. The warrior walks on a rocky slope showing that she or he cannot turn back. Wearing the full armor of God, the spiritual warrior will be victorious even though arrows aim toward the heart. In the form of a victorious lion God's truth goes with the spiritual warrior piercing the lies of the devil.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This work is $250 available for purchase. Contact me by email with "artwork," in the subject line for how to make the purchase.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I accept commissions. If interested inquire if any work I have on Instagram is available. Email me for information with "artwork" in the subject ilne.

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