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Kevin Hopkins [b. 2000, Beaufort, South Carolina] is a painter based in Kansas City, Missouri. Hopkins typically explores mortality, naivete, and the romanticization of childhood and its relation to identity. Kevin currently attends the Kansas City Art Institute majoring in Painting and Art History. He was recognized internationally as a 2020 Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grantee and nationally as a 2021 AXA Art Prize finalist.


Bright Beverly


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Bright Beverly began as an oil on canvas painting--which was later scanned and printed on glossy satin photo paper. I then painted on the printed image with oil paint and oil sticks. The work depicts my mother, Beverly Hopkins, and was made to celebrate her life and her love of the Lowcountry [the Lowcountry, or the South, symbolized by the egret, a bird commonly found sauntering through marsh in South Carolina].

How it fits into contest

Grief following the passing of a loved one can easily shatter the spirit of those in mourning; the loss of a mother, however, is especially excruciating. Luckily, my mother introduced me to the church before passing on, and much of what I learned was how to trust God and lean on Him in times of need. The lessons I've learned about trust and faith prepared me for the "spiritual battle" of mourning. The armor Ephesians 6:10-20 alludes to wasn't literal armor; instead, it was the light of Christ, which shielded me from sinking into despair and allowed me to keep fighting to maintain my inner peace.


I would like to recognize Beverly Hopkins for helping to further my artistic practice through constant support.

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In regards to other services, I sell artwork and accept painting commissions. For further information such as an inventory sheet, commission fees, or additional information, please inquire via email at or on Instagram at @beebro_irl.

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