Mary Breedon

Artist bio

My name is Mary Breedon: I am an artist and art instructor (Miz Mary's art class/fb- for children, and artwork at RandMart on wix) with education from Georgian College in Barrie (Art Fundamentals) and Sheridan college in Oakville (Illustration). I work from home as I have two young boys and am very happy instructing and being able to share my skills with them. I love painting and drawing- from paper & canvas to wood signs pet portraits and caricatures! I have been drawing ever since I held a pencil, and enjoy creating pieces for people.


Battle in Spirit



Artist Statement

I enjoyed painting this piece; I chose acrylics so that the colours would be bolder/ brighter in areas that I preferred them to. A lot of emotions went into this painting- as I thought of the verse and how it related to the current pandemic. I enjoyed incorporating different subjects/elements into the painting and opted for a more abstract rendition for the main "warrior" with pallet knife and brush/ and more subtle and soft hues and bristle brushes for the back ground subjects.

How it fits into contest

This art piece fits in to the contest topic-Spiritual battle in Ephesians as it portrays a woman as a warrier-dressed for battle in suit of armor, as she prepares to conquer evil forces depicted in the left side of the painting with dark purple and blue clouds. On the other side are the elements of good that still remain - what is worth fighting for. In the middle of the earth is a medical symbol signifying good vs evil on either side of the earth, and the "good snake" on this symbol wrapping around a belt/banner of rightiousness and faith- signs of what is needed in any spiritual battle.


Mary Breedon- sole artist/ creator of this art piece.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original piece I painted in acrylics: based on the spiritual battle of Ephesians 6:10-20. Painted on 46.5" x30.5" canvas, using abstract version of main female "warrior" in spiritual battle. I wanted to emphasize the vibrance of colour in the forefront, and subtle hues for elements in the background. Artwork can be found on Pieces include caricature paintings, pet portraits, wood signs, and canvas paintings. For details, visit the site, or contact Mary Breedon at

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