Artist bio

My name is Lorenzo Harris, I am 30 years old. I moved to Las Vegas from New York 3 years ago. I like to play football, I praise dance for Christ United Palace. I am a father to be! My daughter will be born in September 2020.


The Armor In Me



Artist Statement

My artwork is based on the imagination of my 11 year old stepson. A lot of my artwork is based off of children's creation.

How it fits into contest

In life you encounter many different obstacles, situations, and adversities. It doesn't matter what race or gender or skin color you are, you will encounter hard times. But how we handle these encounters that's the golden ticket. You may become angry, or upset, a person may experience depression or anxiety. Maybe a person may start to think that life isn't worth living. I've experienced all these feelings and emotions, I even attempted suicide before. But then I found my God and he helped me overcome all these things. Once someone puts on the armor of God, nothing can stand in their way. No matter the obstacle or situation trust in the Lord, believe in the Lord, and he will grant you victory over your enemies.


Lorenzo Harris- Artist
Kenneth Howard- describe what his ideal warrior looks like.

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